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In the Garden

Ondřej Dolejší / 7 min. 0 sec. / Czech Republic

In the Garden

Ondřej Dolejší
Ondřej Dolejší
7 min. 0 sec.
Production Year: 

Birds are flying. The Birds a garden. The garden inside. Inside a man. The man through the center. Coming through the center. A house coming. The house closed. Closed heavily.

Raining heavily. The house is raining. The house a storm. The storm a shadow. The shadow a shadow. The shadow out. The garden out. The garden is flowing away. It is flowing silently.
Silently open. The open house. The house is leaving. Leaving through the center. The man through the center. The man out. The garden out. The garden the birds. The birds are flying.

The BA film of Ondřej Dolejší captures the advent of a storm, and gradually develops the atmosphere, employing minimalistic yet powerful devices.

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