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  • A King Had a Horse

    An animated short made by traditional puppet animation. A grotesque story with elements of horror and fantasy about a hierarchical clash of a king and his jester.

  • Don't Know What

    Don’t Know What combines elements of mainstream cinema, like an entertaining dramaturgy, slapstick-like surprise effects, etc., with strategies of avant-garde cinema, like the short-cut technique or the formal and aesthetic reduction of the imagery. The audience is then left to find their way between humour and seriousness in this strange “genre-hybrid”.

  • Kafka Band: Grab / Hrob

    The atmosphere and the story of the music video come directly from the pages of Kafka’s Castle and its comic book adaptation by Jaromír 99 and David Mairowitz. Geodesist K. Falls in love with a girl called Frída in a village at the end of the world. Their love is passionate but also dark and self-destructive...

  • PolarBarry – Let's Break the Ice!! – Vlog #207

    Polar Barry is a polar bear and a popular youtuber from the North Pole. What do his followers think about global warming? How should polar bears prepare for it? In the form of a YouTube video, the director of this film explores pressing current issues and uses the answers of real people.

  • The Great Sneezer

    School bachelor project by puppet director Noro Drziak made in FAMU Prague, Czech Republic.More information about author here:

  • Bloomsday

    This imaginative dream-like film tells us that meeting your own inner duck can sometimes be the only real motivation to change. The film is characterized by its multi-coloured animation, absurd humour and its optimism in spite of the joyless situation of its main hero.

  • Seth Schwarz & Be Svendsen: Elves of Karoo

    Renowned Canadian-French director and maker of authorial films, commissions and also illustration, comes with a new music video built on a naïve but all the more effective artistic style. Sailing the sea to the beat of pleasant music, a small walnut boat brings its funky guests to a mystical party island.

  • Deep Love

    This fresh film from Ukraine made by Mykyta Lyskov, graduate of the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television, is full of absurd scenes which the author uses to interpret the contemporary Ukrainian society. Lyskov relentlessly lines up one scene full of black humour after another and stylises everything in a distinct artistic expression.

  • Awkward

    The occasionally fragmentary and humorous film Awkward is a mosaic of absurd moments related to various communication and social ineptitudes that happen during a single day. The film, bursting with ideas, is characterised by dynamic animation and pleasantly stylised drawing.

  • Do Not Touch!

    This one-minute-long puppet gag was made by a student from the Ladislav Sutnar Faculty of Design and Art of the University of West Bohemia during his study stay in the Polish city of Łódź. Although it is his first puppet film, the author managed to fully utilise its running length – both time-wise and space-wise – and created a humorous situation with an amusing punch line.