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  • Bambi Meets Godzilla

    This legendary film Marv Newland filmed in 1969 as a student of the ArtCenter College of Design (Los Angeles). Since then it has become cult and is often named to Best Of lists of numerous occasions. Film was made in primitive production conditions with a 16mm Bolex camera. With its simple black-and-white style, it resembles Winsor McCay's pioneering films.

  • Pandas

    They were developing million years until they stayed alone in the bamboo forest. Therethey were found and the active primates started to take care of them. The story of thespecies that everybody takes care.

  • The Little One

    A co když je tu doma?! Autobiografický film o malé Vietnamce, která vyrůstá v českém maloměstě. Zatímco si zvyká na to být zároveň cizí i doma, její rodina směřuje k zásadnímu rozhodnutí. Kdo odjede - kdo zůstane? A čí domov je kde?

  • Pokáč: I Have a Cat

    This humorous music video made for Czech singer Pokáč shows how a pet can turn its owner’s life into hell on earth. The author whimsically illustrates the song’s lyrics that will resonate mainly with people who have this kind of experience.

  • Waves

    An observer, who clears his mind and constrains his resources to work only with time and motion in space, can not only find pixilation rapture, but what’s more, if he connects to the wave, his journey will consume him in his entirety. And everything plays its part – waving of the grass, clouds, hills and valley, sunlight and also ourselves. A non-narrative pixilation of the Czech landscape.

  • Ming

    The film relates a Chinese woman’s experience as a live figure model while abroad. Ming depicts the Asian female body as an object of humiliation and investigates the psychological ramifications of the male gaze and constantly being labelled as exotic, as well as the clashing ideals of Eastern and Western standards of beauty and femininity.

  • Little Red Riding Hood

    The Little Red Riding Hood of old was a good-natured and defenceless girl, but the wolf will certainly not get to the Little Red Riding Hood from this film. In this artistically distinct film, the hungry beast will eventually feast on things other than what we would have expected. This humorously altered (non)fairy-tale about visiting Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother is unforgettably narrated by Czech actor Ota Jirák.

  • Chase

    Using period graphics, this original anidoc revives the glory days of Czechoslovak hockey along with its dark moments. The author focuses on government repressions against the Czechoslovak national team players in 1950. The film is based on authentic testimonies of living witnesses and archive footage.

  • Xmas Story about Saleswoman

    A morbid puppet movie about Christmas dinner in ordinery Czech Family: mother was cooking all the day, father was watching television...

  • Walking and Running

    The stories of a young couple in love, an old lady caring for a flower on her window sill, a successful runner and a one-legged beggar on a street corner gradually intertwine in the presence of unrelenting wind which can, much like human steps, be considered as a metaphor for the tireless cycle of life.