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  • Walking and Running

    The stories of a young couple in love, an old lady caring for a flower on her window sill, a successful runner and a one-legged beggar on a street corner gradually intertwine in the presence of unrelenting wind which can, much like human steps, be considered as a metaphor for the tireless cycle of life.

  • Raven Mother

    This horror ballad with a dark atmosphere is set in the times when the fate of humankind was firmly bound to that of other beings. People accepted the dark side of life and lived in an atmosphere of death believing that goodness does not need their worship. A man and a woman try to come to terms with their destiny but the dark sides of human souls are slowly gaining the upper hand...

  • Wandering Bondy

    This short, playful and pleasantly stylised “study” is an interpretation of the thoughts of Egon Bondy – famous Czech poet, writer and in particular philosopher. The author is deliberately not trying to illustrate the commentary, but rather to accompany it with a visual form humorously filled with associations, metaphors and irony.

  • Boy Transcoded from Phosphene

    Trapped in phosphene (seeing stars), raw documentary footage unfolds its digital self, receding into its abstract infancy, a memory image unspooled from the dependency of a referent, affected by its internal life. A computer sees without eyes, an algorithm imagines.

  • Home

    A film about uprooting and the search for home. A young man meets his friends in a bar. He managed to live various periods of his life in different countries and on different continents. But he suffers from a feeling that he is at home in more than one place. By means of colours, the author differentiates the main character who tries to find out where he actually belongs.

  • Urban Speech

    Three chapters of urban acoustics. A record of time, travel and space. A series of short animated films that is based on binaural field recordings of the urban soundscape. Its aim is to mediate an experience of conscious listening to a city. An audiovisual piece designed for two ears and a clear mind that fosters the spectator’s imagination.

  • Scratchy

    20 scene from 4, or 5 unfinished animated motion pictures carefully assembled to an original music soundtrack.

  • DVA: Valibela

    This peaceful indie-pop track is slightly reminiscent of a lullaby. The animated music video, which takes place in a deep space, is created in the same spirit. The main theme is hands in creations you have probably never seen before.

  • Neighbours (story of Rudolf Bělohoubek)

    This absorbing anidoc returns to an embarrassing period of our history – often paradoxical retributions after WWII. By means of strongly visual images, the film illustrates a dramatic story of a man whose father was arrested and wrongly accused of collaborating with the Germans. The man actually saved a lot of lives when, as a postman, he destroyed a number of letters by informers.

  • Silo

    A journey around an abandoned grain silo outside the animator’s studio. In this non-narrative essay, the author works with real-life footage and with her favourite material – film stock. It is her way of showing admiration of the simple yet significant construction. She personifies it in detail and the soundtrack hints at its historical context.