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  • My Home

    A sensitive story about family relationships from the point of view of a little boy made by a Vietnamese filmmaker based in France. A mother living alone with her son brings home a suitor one day. But Little Hugo cannot cope with it, his fantasy kicks in and turns the intruder into a dangerous monster.

  • Morning

    Tireless Czech experimenter Vojtěch Domlátil, who focuses on nature and movement through the landscape, presents this black and white (or rather white and black) morning impression that he likes to call “a breathing meditation in the form of a fully linear animation”. We watch undefined and minimalist and yet familiar spectacles accompanied by everyday morning sounds.

  • While Darwin Sleeps

    More than three thousand insects appear in this film, each for a single frame. As the colours glow and change across their bodies and wings it seems that the genetic programme of millions of years is taking place in a few minutes. It is a rampant creation that seems to defy the explanations of evolutionists and fundamentalists. It is like a mescaline vision dreamt by Charles Darwin.

  • Retired

    A secluded house in the countryside. And in it? A family cocktail of love, care, shared history and all kinds of gadgets and unfinished things. Or a space for living out the rest of one’s life peacefully. This simple documentary stop-motion animation pays tribute to the author’s parents and the things they left here. The director finds life and a special kind of beauty in them.

  • Kitchen Tales

    The kitchen of a forgetful grandma comes to life when she is not around. Saltshaker, Sugarbowl and the rest are set to fix what she's accidentally forgotten. Will their plans be foiled by the feared rapper Tartar, hiding in the fridge? The pilot for a never realised series.

  • Castillo and the Catfish

    Castillo is a young dockworker who lives in the coast between Brazil and Uruguay. He divides his time between the carpets he has to carry, his family and a fishing rod at the pier. On a windy night, Castillo faces his own brutality on the line of the hook.

  • The Ribs: I’ll Be Your Toy

    ‘The burning love of Bill the cock and Floyd the dog is just like every other romance. I'm really sorry that a bunch of dwarfs in a van seem to have a problem with it,’ says Jan Piskač, a member of The Ribs, who directed this original Western-style music video (a sort of variation on Easy Rider).

  • Fake News in the Digital World

    Fake news is nothing new; public opinion has been manipulated since the dawn of time. But in the internet age, the manipulation has acquired a whole new dimension. In this video, Vysvě tries to inspire today’s recipients to be more careful with regards to information.

  • Chained

    Home, family, solidarity, help, independence, human being… These are just some of the words that resonated strongly in the stories of women from the Kuchinate organisation, helping female African refugees find a place in Israel through the craft of crocheting. The film follows the story of a woman who has lost her home and is forced to set out to find a better future.

  • Rabbitland

    Pink rabbits have holes in their heads in place of brains and live happily in Rabbitland. It is a murky ghetto, which creates a stark contrast to their appearance. Rabbits brainlessly go about their daily routines, mainly “democratic” voting, without realising they live in an unfreedom. The film is an apt metaphor of a totalitarian system.