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  • Cat Days

    A young boy named Jiro doesn’t feel good at all. His father takes him to a doctor and finds out something incredible – the reason is not any disease, but rather the boy’s identity. While they’re waiting for DNA test results, the father is trying to cope with the situation… and both the father and the son have to deal with unusual and absurd situations.

  • Tree9: Ma Ydoum Hal

    This music video by a young French director portrays a conversation between two friends who used to play music together. One of them is going through hard times, with a religious crisis upsetting his vision of the world.  The other one tries to understand him, to find a way that can bring them to meet.

  • Trump Dreams

    In this anidoc, the author visualises dreams about Donald Trump she collected from people all over the world in 2016. Hopes and fears related to the new president have left noticeable marks on the conscious and unconscious minds of the respondents and created astounding dream motifs that the director managed to interlink in various metamorphoses.

  • Good Intentions

    One year after Enough, Anna Mantzaris repeated her success by once again winning the Best Student Film Award at Anifilm. Good Intentions is again teeming with her quirky humour and fondness for escalated situations. After she causes a serious accident, the main heroine of the film tries to make up for her fatal mistake and subsequent imprudent decisions.

  • Mermaids and Rhinos

    8-year-old Matilda’s memories of her family as surrealistic visions come into view: the circus performer ex-mermaid grandmother, the erotically overheated mother and the missing father whose broken heart, anger and jealousy manifest as a rhino. Matilda’s life is full of grotesque, bizarre characters who are hungry for love.

  • To the Ground

    This serious anidoc illustrates the story of a young woman who became a victim of domestic violence. And even though she took her baby and fled, she wound up in an even worse situation. The film will captivate you with its artistic style and its originally processed sound track.

  • Mr. Spider's Anatomy

    Film představuje vizi pochmurného města. Hlavní hrdina, Pan Pavouk je úředník pracující v obrovské kanceláři, dobrovolný otrok, člověk osamělý a ztracený v labyrintu ulic, chodeb a vlastní mysli nasáklé alkoholem. Avšak kdesi mnohem hlouběji, v místech, kde se rozum rozpadá a začínají sny, se otevírá nekonečný prostor, ve kterém září křehká síla…

  • Bloomsday

    This imaginative dream-like film tells us that meeting your own inner duck can sometimes be the only real motivation to change. The film is characterized by its multi-coloured animation, absurd humour and its optimism in spite of the joyless situation of its main hero.

  • Peripheria

    The unusually atmospheric film Peripheria explores the life of an abandoned French suburb that gradually changes into an urban wasteland roamed by packs of stray dogs. The film reflects on the current hopeless situation of desolate French housing estates decaying at the outskirts of big cities.

  • Ghost

    Ghost is a mystic sci-fi set in a big city where its anonymous inhabitants, with faces hidden under masks, spend their time riding infinite escalators. But one of them is so decimated by this routine that he doesn’t put on his mask and the only thing he longs for is to get back home. This film with a dismal atmosphere is a disturbing portrayal of an uncertain future.