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  • Apart

    This short film about life after the loss of a loved one deals with a difficult topic, using techniques of both live-action and animated film. Real experiences of the narrators are combined with animated sequences reconstructing painful situations, looking into the thoughts of three young people prematurely exposed to death.

  • Seth Schwarz & Be Svendsen: Elves of Karoo

    Renowned Canadian-French director and maker of authorial films, commissions and also illustration, comes with a new music video built on a naïve but all the more effective artistic style. Sailing the sea to the beat of pleasant music, a small walnut boat brings its funky guests to a mystical party island.

  • Don't Know What

    Don’t Know What combines elements of mainstream cinema, like an entertaining dramaturgy, slapstick-like surprise effects, etc., with strategies of avant-garde cinema, like the short-cut technique or the formal and aesthetic reduction of the imagery. The audience is then left to find their way between humour and seriousness in this strange “genre-hybrid”.

  • Autobianchin: Les bras d'Amelie

    This music video for a nostalgic song visually connects two seemingly different worlds. In the first world, we watch a story of a young girl who likes snails. But this purple-toned “love story” takes place against the backdrop of drastic war scenes. Both motifs specifically supplement each other, link up and intertwine.

  • But Milk Is Important

    Phobias can have many forms. But when they manifest themselves as a malicious felt creature, it’s not fun anymore. In her graduate film, Anna Mantzaris and her classmate from the Volda University College portrayed a hero who suffers from a phobia of people. This acclaimed film uses a combination of drama and humorous moments to depict a serious topic.

  • Talya La Lia: Shredder

    This experimental music video depicts the dissonance between the way we feel inside and the way we present ourselves to the world, on social media and in general through playful work with plasticine.  Authors Eliška and Lee Oz have been specialising in claymation for quite some time and achieve unusually fluid results.

  • Walking and Running

    The stories of a young couple in love, an old lady caring for a flower on her window sill, a successful runner and a one-legged beggar on a street corner gradually intertwine in the presence of unrelenting wind which can, much like human steps, be considered as a metaphor for the tireless cycle of life.

  • Raven Mother

    This horror ballad with a dark atmosphere is set in the times when the fate of humankind was firmly bound to that of other beings. People accepted the dark side of life and lived in an atmosphere of death believing that goodness does not need their worship. A man and a woman try to come to terms with their destiny but the dark sides of human souls are slowly gaining the upper hand...

  • Wandering Bondy

    This short, playful and pleasantly stylised “study” is an interpretation of the thoughts of Egon Bondy – famous Czech poet, writer and in particular philosopher. The author is deliberately not trying to illustrate the commentary, but rather to accompany it with a visual form humorously filled with associations, metaphors and irony.

  • Boy Transcoded from Phosphene

    Trapped in phosphene (seeing stars), raw documentary footage unfolds its digital self, receding into its abstract infancy, a memory image unspooled from the dependency of a referent, affected by its internal life. A computer sees without eyes, an algorithm imagines.