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  • Four

    This ambitious and artistically mesmerising film is set in the spring of 1937 in the nostalgic atmosphere of a seaside town. The director depicts a single tragic event from the perspective of four different women. In this unusual concept, their stories intertwine and all four of them – a pilot, a postwoman, a shop assistant and a singer – are involved in the tragedy.

  • Erlking

    Another captivating film by one of greats of traditional animation, Georges Schwizgebel. His suggestive animated ride is based on Goethe's poem, Erlking (Erlkönig), and the music of Franz Schubert and Ferenc Liszt. A man and his sick son ride through the forest and the delirious child thinks that they are following the Erlking.

  • PolarBarry – Let's Break the Ice!! – Vlog #207

    Polar Barry is a polar bear and a popular youtuber from the North Pole. What do his followers think about global warming? How should polar bears prepare for it? In the form of a YouTube video, the director of this film explores pressing current issues and uses the answers of real people.

  • That's Mine!

    The film uses a very demanding technique of sand animation to depict a scene from an Iranian village. We see it through the eyes of an atypical observer who remains hidden for a long time. The authors draw attention to landmines that remained present, active and very dangerous in their country after the war.

  • Hi Stranger

    I made this film especially for you. I needed to check in with you. I needed to tell you how I feel.

  • Roomates

    Sanity diminishes as the temperature rises.

  • Ming

    The film relates a Chinese woman’s experience as a live figure model while abroad. Ming depicts the Asian female body as an object of humiliation and investigates the psychological ramifications of the male gaze and constantly being labelled as exotic, as well as the clashing ideals of Eastern and Western standards of beauty and femininity.

  • Cabin Pressure

    This slapstick comedy with felt dolls portrays Graham Penge, a passenger obsessively following the in-flight safety regulations. But when a careless passenger sits next to him, Graham starts to panic and his imagination runs wild. Stop-motion animation of the film was slightly modified in post-production.

  • If you can

    Are you a good person? What do you think about your neighbours? Or your colleagues from work? What is your family like? Do you have a clear opinion on everyone? And what are they like? Nothing remarkable, you say? It's not easy to be a person that is described by a Winston Churchill quote in this film. Especially when you're only human.

  • Cat Days

    A young boy named Jiro doesn’t feel good at all. His father takes him to a doctor and finds out something incredible – the reason is not any disease, but rather the boy’s identity. While they’re waiting for DNA test results, the father is trying to cope with the situation… and both the father and the son have to deal with unusual and absurd situations.