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  • Prezident Lourajder: Osud

    The young Slovak director made this music video for a rapper known as Prezident Lourajder, who usually performs in his typical mask. In the clip we follow our masked hero as he wanders around his mansion. What does it mean to be truly isolated?

  • Boles

    Slovenian director Špela Čadež renowned for meticulous puppet animation based her film on a short story by Maxim Gorky. The main character Filip dreams of becoming a successful writer. One day he meets a neighbour, an aging call girl Tereza, who asks him to type up a letter to her supposed fiancé.

  • Two Eastern hair lines

    An Exploration of communication and isolation between East and West.

  • Zepo

    On one winter morning a young girl went into the forest to gather wood. Far from her home, she found a bloody trail in the snow which sealed her fate. This thrilling and dark story uses the method of sand animation which contrasts the story with its softness.

  • White and Black Birds

    A visual parable about good and bad sides of the human personality based on the book by French writer and ethnologist Amadou Hampâté. Good and bad feelings are "nesting" in people similarly to black and white birds nesting in their holes in large walls. Good and Evil are completely contradictory. The author, among other things, uses colour contrast.

  • When a girl comes home from school, her mother serves ‘Chinese’ soup. This routine and unappetising dinner turns into a thrilling story revealing the life hidden underneath the package. This fresh student miniature exploring creative childhood fantasy is superbly animated and some of its details allude to certain social issues.

  • My Home

    A sensitive story about family relationships from the point of view of a little boy made by a Vietnamese filmmaker based in France. A mother living alone with her son brings home a suitor one day. But Little Hugo cannot cope with it, his fantasy kicks in and turns the intruder into a dangerous monster.

  • Morning

    Tireless Czech experimenter Vojtěch Domlátil, who focuses on nature and movement through the landscape, presents this black and white (or rather white and black) morning impression that he likes to call “a breathing meditation in the form of a fully linear animation”. We watch undefined and minimalist and yet familiar spectacles accompanied by everyday morning sounds.

  • While Darwin Sleeps

    More than three thousand insects appear in this film, each for a single frame. As the colours glow and change across their bodies and wings it seems that the genetic programme of millions of years is taking place in a few minutes. It is a rampant creation that seems to defy the explanations of evolutionists and fundamentalists. It is like a mescaline vision dreamt by Charles Darwin.

  • Retired

    A secluded house in the countryside. And in it? A family cocktail of love, care, shared history and all kinds of gadgets and unfinished things. Or a space for living out the rest of one’s life peacefully. This simple documentary stop-motion animation pays tribute to the author’s parents and the things they left here. The director finds life and a special kind of beauty in them.