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  • Deep Love

    This fresh film from Ukraine made by Mykyta Lyskov, graduate of the Kyiv National University of Theatre, Cinema and Television, is full of absurd scenes which the author uses to interpret the contemporary Ukrainian society. Lyskov relentlessly lines up one scene full of black humour after another and stylises everything in a distinct artistic expression.

  • Worst-Case Scenario

    This film builds on the tradition of typical Estonian absurd humour. In some ways it evokes films by Priit Pärn or Üllo Pikkov. Two managers, Adolf and Rudolf, slowly and in odd ways deal with problems that threaten to ruin their company. The story is composed of a series of grotesque scenes that only gradually start to make sense.

  • Gabriella: Once There Was a Hotel

    This nostalgic music video portrays a reminiscing elderly couple. Their memories, just like everything else in this music video, are made of paper. The music video was made by the authors of this year’s Anifilm visual identity, a Czech-Israeli duo of animators who typically use claymation.

  • Cargo Cult

    Similarly to his successful 2010 film Madagascar, carnet de voyage director Bastien Dubois takes the audience to exotic nature and native people untouched by modern civilization who live isolated from the world events. The on-going war only reaches them as war aircrafts fly in the sky. At first, the planes are enchanting. Dubois once again created a captivating piece of art.

  • Parade

    This playful hand-drawn animation full of colours and metaphorical metamorphoses depicts the atmosphere of a military parade. An inconspicuous beginning with details of uniforms suddenly morphs into an undulating landscape, and we are lucky if we manage to catch everything that's going on on the screen.

  • Oberka: King of Bhangra

    The sun sets and the last human foot leaves a small Indian marketplace. At night, the place has a life of its own. In this music video, Eliška & Lee Oz, who are known for their superb claymation, combine their favourite style with 2D computer animation.

  • Walk the Dog

    While walking her dog, a woman meets a man. Immersed in a conversation she forgets about the dog who wanders away. In this surprising film we only see things that touch the ground. It is based on a play with colours, on an artistic compression and on a poetics of hints that compose the story with a snapper.

  • Sobotni Rosół: Przejscia dla pieszych

    Anifilm visitors know the eccentric Polish filmmaker Janek Koza from previous festival editions. In 2020, he competed at Anifilm with his music video Hiob Dylan: Dziewczyna z filmu porno. In his new music video for Sobotni Rosół, Koza sticks to his black-and-white style and hand-drawn ‘dirty’ animation.

  • Eternia

    The film, which was made as part of the 70th anniversary of the animation studio at UMPRUM, is loosely inspired by the work of three graduates: Václav Mergl, Jan Souček and Vratislav Hlavatý. Motifs from their films, illustrations and paintings have been placed in new contexts to create a new work of authorship.

  • Square

    This film bordering on an experimental music video was made in the animation studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague during a workshop led by the authors of this year’s festival jingle Dávid Štumpf and Michaela Mihályiová. The film is characterised by a colour palette that the authorial team limited almost exclusively to red, blue and white.