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  • The Bearytales

    Did you know that the grizzly bear is not as solitary as people claim? You can learn this interesting fact, which you almost certainly didn't know, and four others from the world of bears in the short animated movie The Bearytales.

  • Hypnagogia

    Hypnagogia is an original experiment that combines abstract scenes with techniques of traditional anidocs. The film depicts the state of falling asleep, and describes and illustrates the visual sensory phenomena that are experienced when crossing the borders of sleep in its own poetic and documentary-style way.

  • FOOD

    Breakfast, lunch, dinner. Morning, noon, evening. Beginning, middle, end. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach and FOOD searches for parallels between eating and pairing rituals. The film uses cut-out animation and folded paper that introduces another dimension to classical cut-outs.

  • Shabazz Palaces: Gorgeous Sleeper Cell

    Gorgeous Sleeper Cell is a fan music video for Seattle-based abstract rap duo Shabazz Palaces. It narrates an abstract story based on the duo’s poetic, almost symbolistic lyrics. We watch some sort of a genie who got into our reality from his animated world.

  • Half Asleep

    Half Asleep presents a silent relationship between two half bodies in a poetic way. It reduces the narrative but enhances mixed feelings of anxiety, pleasure, struggle and endurance. Despite using minimalist methods such as flickering hints of the bodies, subtle symbolism and an elaborate score, the author has created a mesmerizing film.

  • The XXXL Plumber Jack Dingbongs Her Tiny Skinpompom: Episode 8

    This film was created during the director’s study stay in Sweden as an artistic commentary on pornography, its means of expression and influence on people. By using grotesque deformation and exaggeration, the film points out the falseness of pornography as a modern myth and reveals its absurdity through a typical script.

  • Bubi

    Jan Šrámek is a constructor of vector nostalgias with the sense for a style unity boardering with unification. This time he has even managed to tame the rain that, in regular grid, sprinkles the damaged and desertedremains of an urban infrastructure. The amount of ruined military hard-ware confirms it is a standard post-apocalyptic scenario, for which the people themselves are to blame.It is not clear who will change places with them (us). Veronika Vlkova “Little Girl“ is the only living person we see in our wanderings through the deserted city, she does have to bet he the seed of a new civilization, not a remainder of the…ours. Maybe she is only one the only one, the one and only

  • Brumlik and Animuk

    Brumlik & Animuk is a short animated film inspired by the life of the Greenland Inuit. The main characters are polar bear Brumlik and his best friend, a little girl called Animuk. Together they are trying to help a narwhal in trouble. The film is a fairy tale full of situational humour for children but it will entertain adults as well.

  • Perfect Town

    This symbolic film by a young Swiss director portrays (and criticises) an ancient but still relevant issue – the quest for perfection. The film is set in a town that tries to make its stressed-out inhabitants perfect. The results are continuously checked and anyone who is not perfect, has to leave.