Pokročilé vyhledávání


  • Jeden král měl koně

    An animated short made by traditional puppet animation. A grotesque story with elements of horror and fantasy about a hierarchical clash of a king and his jester.

  • WOO-HOO!

    Despite its title, this pixilated film portrays unsuccessful dating. The film’s main protagonist with a horse’s head uses an unconventional dating app reminiscent of old 8-bit games to help him find a soul mate. But even the best dating app cannot anticipate the reactions of the unicorns that we sometimes think we are.

  • Hladina

    Commissioned by the River Tamar Project for the It's All About the River film festival. The imagery is created by burying 16mm filmstrips in the mud of the banks of the River Tamar, allowing the river to ‘make the film’ through the movements of its tidal waters and the action of biota. The soundtrack developed from recordings taken from both above and below the surface of the river.

  • Velký kýchač

    School bachelor project by puppet director Noro Drziak made in FAMU Prague, Czech Republic.More information about author here: https://www.behance.net/dr_noro

  • Kafka Band: Grab / Hrob

    The atmosphere and the story of the music video come directly from the pages of Kafka’s Castle and its comic book adaptation by Jaromír 99 and David Mairowitz. Geodesist K. Falls in love with a girl called Frída in a village at the end of the world. Their love is passionate but also dark and self-destructive...

  • Čím víc vím

    This lively film with a very distinct artistic style tells the story of a man who is about to die and wants to share his life story. We explore his memories and see him as a baby, back when he was confronted with the mysteries of life for the first time. He was exposed to very strange events but everything and everyone around him assured him that everything is in order. But when he left the secure territory of his childhood, he found that the ground beneath his feet was not so firm.

  • Between the World and Me

    The title of the project "Between the World and Me" refers to a literary work of American author Ta-Nehisi Coates. The contents of the project refers to the current Dizzcocks album "Elegy of Unsung Heroes", which won Vinyla award for the best Czech album of the year 2015. The topic of the exhibition refers to the content of the album, which affects various social and political problems. In the case of the project Between the World and Me shown through the collapse of the affected US city Detroit.

  • Pokáč: Mám doma kočku

    This humorous music video made for Czech singer Pokáč shows how a pet can turn its owner’s life into hell on earth. The author whimsically illustrates the song’s lyrics that will resonate mainly with people who have this kind of experience.

  • Zahrada uzavřená

    Inspiration for this graduation film was the Song of Songs, freely adapted on various levels of meanings. The film was shot in multiple plans.

  • Sunrise

    An animated comeback from Czech director Vít Pancíř, who has long focused on experimental films combining animation with live action, and now offers this entirely animated film full of absurd situations. Sunrise is a metaphor for the diversity, complexity and fragility of life projected onto a white circle covered by the sun in its orbit.