Pokročilé vyhledávání


  • Vlnění

    An observer, who clears his mind and constrains his resources to work only with time and motion in space, can not only find pixilation rapture, but what’s more, if he connects to the wave, his journey will consume him in his entirety. And everything plays its part – waving of the grass, clouds, hills and valley, sunlight and also ourselves. A non-narrative pixilation of the Czech landscape.

  • Příběh vánoční o prodavačce

    A morbid puppet movie about Christmas dinner in ordinery Czech Family: mother was cooking all the day, father was watching television...

  • Catherine

    The main heroine of this film loves animals, but unfortunately way too much. Most of all, she loves her cat which gradually becomes her whole world. Catherine lives detached from people and slowly turns into a crazy old cat lady. The author, who is particular about telling stories, can surprise her viewers at the right moment.

  • WOO-HOO!

    Despite its title, this pixilated film portrays unsuccessful dating. The film’s main protagonist with a horse’s head uses an unconventional dating app reminiscent of old 8-bit games to help him find a soul mate. But even the best dating app cannot anticipate the reactions of the unicorns that we sometimes think we are.

  • Odcházím

    The Czech director of this puppet film studied animation in Melbourne in Australia. His film shows what happens when a quarter-century-old rusted chain on a prisoner’s leg takes life into its own hands after the prisoner loses his sparkle.

  • O tom co potom

    To live at the North Pole is hard enough even without your granny’s annoying chit-chat. For the protagonist of this flatly narrated film, encountering a polar bear means a possible redemption from the wretchedness of his earthly life. After all, his granny said that there's tons of food in heaven and you can stop giving a damn.

  • Mukumů

    This Czech film full of northern melancholy depicts the flow of time somewhere on an island where a man constantly fights with nature and with himself. Jumping off a cliff, facing attacks of a predator and encountering seals are just ordinary things here. In a land where the wind blows constantly, a man cannot afford to be baffled by anything.

  • Pokáč: Mám doma kočku

    This humorous music video made for Czech singer Pokáč shows how a pet can turn its owner’s life into hell on earth. The author whimsically illustrates the song’s lyrics that will resonate mainly with people who have this kind of experience.

  • Vlny: Rybář

    Martin Živocký and Veronika Jelínková made a melancholic music video set at sea. As a man floats in a small boat, he is confronted with various obstacles and his own memories. Everything is portrayed with tasteful 3D animation.

  • 39 týdnů, 6 dní

    39 Weeks, 6 Days is an artistic experiment, animated diary and personal documentary showing animated self-portraits of woman and man, married couple and co-authors during 40 weeks of the gravidity.